About Us

Fireplaces can be the hallmark of a room or the architectural marvel of a living area or a bedroom. At The London Fireplaces, we are a team of experts that deliver on the promise of heating your homes!
We are a company that helps meet the fireplace requirements of all clients. We offer a 360 degree, complete solution for your fireplace needs. We are a Gas safe and HETAS approved retailer with fireplace solutions that are unmatched in the country. We offer the following services and more:
  • Chimney sweep
  • Gas fire service & Repair
  • Chimney flue solution
  • Power flue systems
  • Chimney terminals
  • Chimney flue lining along with the services
Our team members are qualified professionals that are experienced enough to take care of small and large projects. 
Our Core Business Areas
We are the fireplace specialists that offer full service from the beginning till the end. Our team of experts help you take the right decision on the fireplace of your choice. If you want to visit our showroom, try and have a look at the various fireplaces we have built! These have been built with a team that is HETAS trained and qualified. We build fireplaces keeping in mind the efficiency and government regulations along with fuel requirements of clients. 
We also offer the best chimney sweep and Chimney flue lining constitutes the core of our business. We also regularly carry out chimney sweeps and supply and install wood burning stoves without much hassle. 
Here are the areas we service in details:

We often check and reline the existing chimneys to brand new condition. It is crucial that you need to check the condition of the old one before installing a new chimney. A new chimney should ideally contain a sealed flue from the appliance to the chimney pot. This helps is transporting the bye products of combustion safely into the atmosphere. This process can be harmful for the chimney in the long run.  With flue regulations from 1965, the Building Regulations have specifically stated that chimneys are to be built with matching flue liners of correct size. A thorough check should be conducted by a chimney specialist and entails the following procedures: The chimney should be swept to clear any protrusions such as dislodged masonry or even bird’s nests. You should also carry out smoke tests to establish any major fault. These faults can lead to fire and cause destruction to the house itself. You need experts to check the structural stability of the chimney and ensure that it is wind and water tight. The relining should be done with clay, pumice and concrete liners, flexible steel and flexible steel liners. For more information on how to get a flue lining done, contact us at 02084171010, or email us at: [email protected]
All the flues should be swept during the rains and the winters. This helps prevent the tar from getting accumulated along with soot deposits that have a corrosive effect on the inner linings of the chimney. Mechanical sweeping is the only way ahead to prevent a corrosion of the chimney.  A designated professional with brushes and rods can only clean the chimney well. Chemical cleaning may not be the way forward and sweeping brushes made of suitable bristles can be used for flue sweeping. These bristles need to be fitted with a ball or a free running wheel with a boss at the end to prevent scraping the flue walls, at the bends. Very often, chimney manufacturers provide instruction on the brush type to be used. For further information and quote please contact us on 0208 417 1010 or email us at: [email protected]

Our Team
The entire installation team is excellent and consists of surveyors and installation managers along with HETAS and gas safe registered engineers. Our engineers often pre-visit or manage and prepare the plans for a complete building of the fireplace. Each team member is responsible with a stellar work ethic!
Members of each team often have functions that overlap and each engineer understands the need to deliver 5 star services. All of the services extended are managed in house. Our sales team is fully functional and work in cooperation with the installation team. Our installation service offers you complete confidence and absolute peace of mind!
We only install what we supply and have a full warranty and written guarantee of the product and the service! We are specialists in flue lining, wood burning stoves with a strong focus on bespoke design fireplaces of many types and details. 
In case, you would like to install a fireplace of your choice, then just dial our number and get in touch with our efficient fire installation team. 
Call us at 02084171010 or email us at: [email protected]